As a parent, you have to motivate your kid to get ready to attend an international preschool in Singapore. It will be a first-time experience for your kid to attend a school, and with that, he/she will be away from your company. Having listless little ones to go to school makes you anxious about what to do next.

In several instances, parents wheedle and buy new toys to convince their young ones to attend school, but the result is ineffectual. Well, the solution lies in following a few motivational tips that can help your child go to a cross-cultural and independent learning area of a global international school in Singapore without facing any hassle.

But before that, lets understand why it is so difficult to motivate kids at a tender age.

Why is it difficult to motivate young kids?

First of all, every parent is obsessed with the thought of providing excellent education to their kid and future success. However, young children between 2-5 years do not know anything about school, study, and the learning ecosystem. At such an age, kids are confined to the love and care of their parents and hardly know any strangers. Therefore, it is always difficult to push and motivate young ones to attend school and get accustomed to a learning environment.

5 tips to motivate your kid for preschool in Singapore 

  1.  Forget the rude behavior: Whenever a child nags about something, some parents might get mad, irritate, or show rudeness to them. You should avoid that behavior and calm down when talking to your loved one. Every young learner tries avoiding going to school, and you must accept that to convince him calmly without showing your aggressive side. 
  2. Give the kid a tour of the school: To let your kid feel a little accustomed to the school environment, give an early tour of the playing area, classrooms, children playing, and meeting the teachers. This kind of the first introduction will impact a lot of minds of young kids to decide whether to attend or not.
  3. Solve kid's issues: In case your kid is facing any issue, whether it is mental or physical, then try to find out the reason and solve the same. It is imperative to discuss the problem with the kid, and as a parent, you should provide a viable solution to clarify the kid's doubts, fear, and or any other issue. 
  4. Ask for teacher's help: Sometimes, you need to ask the school teachers and other staff members to make the kid feels comfortable. Such assistance can help your child mix up easily with fellow children, get indulged in playing activities, and forget your presence during school time. 
  5. Add favorable items to lunch: Small kids love to have surprises, especially in you prepare their favorite dish at lunch. Therefore, pack an attractive-looking lunch of your kid's favorites.


Sending your kid to a preschool in Singapore for the first time is a strategic process. You need to follow several steps to motivate your young one to attend school and study peacefully.

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