Books provide knowledge, intelligence, viewpoint, and much more things about the world and people. Reading a book is important for people of all age groups to grasp knowledge they need in life. Especially for young kids, reading helps develop self-analytical skills, observation, and other skills.

However, with the rising number of smartphone access, most children prefer to watch videos and graphics than read books. It is essential for kids to become technically proficient in understanding the digital world, but reading books are one of the main ways to shape one's mind. These types of learnings are and followed by American school in Singapore.

Therefore, it is important to follow different reading practices among kids to develop a result-oriented habit.

  1. Provide pictorial books: Small kids just love to see colorful pictures and graphics. They get attracted to colors so, it is easy to encourage young kids to read. You can provide pictorial books to them with animated figures, and more. It allows children to feel fascinated by actual books, try to read, turn pages, and create the habit of reading regularly.
  2. Encourage them to read loudly: One of the significant ways to enhance reading habits among children is by asking them to read it loudly. This practice is important for kids to build self-confidence while reading, work more on their pronunciation of words, and develop a fast reading habit. From home to childcare in Singapore, children will get more involved and interested in the story written inside the books.
  3. Ask kids' favorite book characters: Children like imitating others just for fun and entertainment, just like their favorite book's cartoon characters or any other personality. Concerning the same, you can ask their favorite comic or any other storybook character to arouse their reading interest. Additionally, you can provide them with a series of books based on their favorite character to focus more on their reading habit. 
  4. Enhance home reading habits: Another way to encourage reading habits among kids from the initial stage itself is by creating a peaceful ecosystem at home. You must dedicate a small reading area for your kid to read carefully and peacefully without facing any distractions. This will help kids concentrate more on the book they are reading.
  5. Attend book fairs with kids: Reading is not confined within the four walls of your You can extend the scope of your kid's reading habits by taking them to a book fair or any library. It helps children to surround themselves with interesting books along with other kids who also love to read.


Enrolling your kid in preschool in Singapore is the first step towards developing your child's physical and mental well-being. Early-year education is the learning base for kids to develop good habits. Similarly, you must encourage daily reading habits among kids to make their life simple.

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